How to stand up to diet culture

If you’re working on body acceptance, it’s likely you’ll find January an uncomfortable time.

It doesn’t matter where you are, or where you look, diet culture is all around!

So in this post, I’m going to help you stand up to diet culture this January.

It’s my wish for you that, rather than going on the latest fad diet this New Year, you commit to body acceptance and thrive even in our diet obsessed culture.

Watch or read below:

Diet crazy January

If there’s one thing you can be sure of (other than death and taxes), it’s that when January comes around, the diet industry will be on overdrive.

Let’s face it, January IS Christmas to the diet industry.

And it’s not just the industry you have to put up with, but the culture that has evolved around diets.

As a result, it’s pretty difficult to avoid diet talk in January, whether it’s face to face or on-line.

But if you’re someone who wants to move past dieting and work towards body acceptance, all that diet noise can really grate on you!

Standing up to diet culture

If you’re committed to body acceptance, I’m going to help you put up your super protection shields to deflect diet culture this January!

So I trawled through previous blog posts to come up with a must read (or watch) list.  These posts will help you tackle everything to do with dieting.

These posts will help you ditch diets and still thrive in a culture obsessed with dieting. So here we go:

First of all, if you’re contemplating adding ‘go on a diet’ to your list of New Year’s Resolutions, I recommend, Don’t Diet this New Year and How to claim what you want this year.

These will help you get clear on what’s really behind your desire to diet, and help you achieve what’s most important to you this year.

Or, if you’ve still got a desire to diet but wonder if this can co-exist alongside body acceptance, Is wanting to diet wrong? will help manage this conflict.

Finally, if you’re finding it difficult to accept your body and/or you feel guilty around food because of diet culture, you’ll find, 6 ways to thrive in a diet obsessed culture and How to stop feeling guilty around food packed with tips to help you deflect the messages of diet culture.

So that’s it, my round up of blog posts to help you stand up to diet madness in January! I really hope these will help you on your body acceptance journey.

Here’s to an amazing start to the new year!

I’d love to know what you’re going to do to stand up to diet culture this year.  Please leave me a comment below.

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