Why body acceptance ISN’T giving up

Do you believe that accepting your body means you’re giving up on it?

If you do, you’re certainly aren’t alone!

BUT, this couldn’t be further from the truth….

In this post, I’m explaining why body acceptance DOESN’T mean ‘giving up’ on yourself.

Instead, it’s a VITAL first step towards better body confidence.

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How can I accept my body if it’s ‘overweight’?

At one of my recent body confidence talks, a lady asked me about accepting your body when it is ‘overweight’ (her words not mine :-)).

This is what she asked me:

“Surely, you have to get yourself fit before you can accept your body, otherwise you’re just giving up on yourself?”

This isn’t an uncommon question or belief. It’s one of the biggest myths about body confidence.

Now to respond to this question, I’d like to share a quote by Dr Julie Holland, who wrote the book, “Moody Bitches” (which, by the way, is a great book for understanding your female cycles and the menopause).

Dr Julie says,

“You can’t postpone self-acceptance until after you’ve lost 50 pounds. Start where you are. If loving care is not applied first, there will be NO forward movement. You can’t care for something you don’t care about.”

This quote explains my view on body acceptance perfectly, and the response I gave to the question I was asked.

Start where you are

Acceptance is the STARTING point for better body confidence.

Acceptance for your body as it is RIGHT now. Not when it is lighter, fitter or more visually ‘acceptable’.

Body acceptance DOESN’T mean that you have given up on living a healthy lifestyle or that you are choosing to have ZERO respect for your body.

Acceptance is the place from which you genuinely begin to care for your body. You can’t treat something well that you hate or dislike.

Body hate is NOT a motivator

Using body hate or dislike as a motivator for making lifestyle changes doesn’t work. In fact, it is more likely to trigger destructive behaviours.

If you genuinely care for your body, you’re more likely to feed it nutritious foods, move in ways that feel good and make sure that you take rest when you need it.

If you’ve been feeling like body acceptance isn’t possible until you have the ‘perfect’ body, it’s time to change your mind.

Without acceptance, you will never be able to show your body the loving kindness it deserves, and without that kindness, you won’t get to a place of comfort in your skin.

If you think that body acceptance means giving up on your body, think again!

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