Hi, I’m Judi, The Body Confidence Coach. I work with body conscious women who are fed up wasting their life chasing the ‘perfect’ body. I help them embrace the body they’re in and reclaim their time, energy, and head space to focus on the things that matter most to them.

For much of my life, I believed that if I could ‘fix’ my looks, I’d be happier and more successful…sound familiar?

I’m so grateful to Judi for keeping me accountable.  She’s approachable and down to earth – like chatting with an insightful friend that gives you homework!

Caz, London

Body consciousness kept me in unhealthy relationships, held me back in my career, and stopped me wearing clothes I liked (like the mini skirt and animal print I willingly embrace today).

Once I stopped chasing the ‘perfect’ body and learned to accept the one I’m in, I started fully living my life (Hello, loving husband, new career, and experiences!).

Working with a coach transformed the way I felt about myself and inspired me to train as a coach to help women just like me (I qualified with The Coaching Academy in 2006 and am a member of the Association for Coaching).

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Who is Judi?

  • I live with my husband and extensive Jelly Cat collection (23 and counting!)
  • I once worked with lion cubs on a conservation project in Zimbabwe (so cute!!!)
  • You’ll often find me chasing the neighbours’ cats with a pack of ‘Dreamies’ shouting, “Come here kitty!”
  • All the above have earned me the nickname ‘mad cat lady’ (I wonder why?!)
  • I love fancy dress, especially wigs!
  • I’m a Les Mills ‘Body Jam’ super fan (anyone else?).

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