6 ways to thrive in a diet obsessed culture

Do you ever get the feeling that EVERYONE is dieting or obsessing about their weight and what they eat?

If you’re finding it difficult to stick to your resolve of body acceptance over dieting, I’ve got six things for you to try.

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A cultural fixation

In a culture fixated on thinness, dieting has become the norm. We’ve been taught that shrinking and moulding our bodies is something to be actively strived for.

Rejecting diets as a means to feel good in your body, and instead choosing to accept your body can be tricky when you’re surrounded by a diet obsessed culture.

Thriving in diet culture

Despite the diet craziness that surrounds us, it is possible to choose body acceptance and thrive.

To help you navigate the diet obsessed culture, so that you can thrive without dieting, try these strategies:

Affirm your worth

Affirm to yourself that you have worth whatever weight or shape you are. Worth is not dependent on how much you weigh

Be mindful who you spend your time with

If you have friends or family who are dieting, or constantly talking about it, try to restrict the amount of time that you spend around them

Question the rational for dieting

Remember that diets have a 95 – 97% failure rate in delivering long-term weight loss. Yet when people have been on multiple diets and they fail, why do we blame the person and not the diet? Because that is the myth we’ve been sold with the diet! With such a high failure rate, who is really benefiting from diets? Mostly, the diet industry!

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Stand firm in you desire NOT to diet

Remember, it’s your body, and you get to decide what you do with it. Don’t feel you need to justify your decision not to follow the crowd. Body autonomy means that you can choose to diet or not.

Look for examples of people who are happy, fulfilled and successful, but haven’t felt the need to diet

Shrinking your body is not necessary to live a life of meaning, happiness, or purpose.

Nobody regrets accepting their body

In my experience, people don’t regret body acceptance, so stick to your efforts at embracing your body.

I truly believe that accepting your body will help you to feel more comfortable in your skin than any diet ever can.

I’d love to know, what are you going to do to thrive in a diet obsessed culture? Leave me a comment below.

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