The Little Book of Body Confidence:

52 ways to feel good in your body

Is feeling uncomfortable with your body the norm for you?

Do you find it difficult to be positive about your body?

Do you stop yourself exercising, dating, wearing a bikini, or being intimate because you don’t think your body is ‘good enough’?

If so, it’s time to kick the body hate habit and start living the life you truly deserve.

In this guide, Body Image Coach Judi Craddock explains why the latest diet, exercise regime or beauty treatment isn’t the key to better body confidence.

Instead, The Little Book of Body Confidence teaches you to challenge and reset the unhelpful belief that your body ‘doesn’t measure up’. In 52 short chapters, Judi shares simple yet effective tools to help you create a new perspective on your body and life.

By implementing the strategies in this book, you’ll discover a new found appreciation for your body and recognise that your worth is not dependent on the number on a scale or a dress size.

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The book

Judi Craddock is a coach specialising in body image. She’s committed to helping women accept and respect their bodies so they can live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

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This is literally a ‘Little Book’; handy handbag size and filled with great tips and ‘reflective questions’ to help you on your journey to building body confidence. Judi writes in plain English and her authentic words are sound and sensible.

Easily accessible there’s 52 ways to start feeling good in your body – one for each week of the year! Her advice applies to women of all ages and responds well to the social media pressures we all face.

Having been a very fat child with low self-esteem, trying every diet in the world, I’ve come to accept my body as it is and surround myself with those who do too. I look forward to hearing more from Judi! Recommend to all your friends – the advice applies to boys/men too!

Julie M

Love this book. I keep it by my bed, dipping in to it a couple of times a week. Each ‘chapter’ gives me either a tip, advice, or a thought provoker. I mull over each and work on one idea at a time. If you want a gentle, well researched, clearly written, easy to read and understand guide to helping you be more loving and accepting of your body, read this.

Kara S

This book is amazing. If you do not feel happy with your body right now, you will after you have read this book and followed Judi’s advice. It is written clearly and is easy to understand. I love the fact that you can just pick it up and read a couple of chapters and implement the advice step by step. I can highly recommend it for anyone who wants to feel happy with the way they are. This book will change your life.

Leonie Wright

I love this book. It is such as easy read and as with all books with lists not all work for you but with the choice of 52 brilliant ideas it is very simple to find many you can use and integrate into your life. Often the answers or simple techniques for things are so obvious aren’t they, but only when someone has pointed them out!!

So when I was reading this it made me laugh how simple the ideas are but without the help of this book to show them I would never have thought of them myself. A ‘must buy’ for anyone looking to understand that your body is something to be grateful for due for all it gives you, rather than something to attack day in day out.

Nicola Laing

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