Are you too self conscious to wear what you want, undress in front of your partner or exercise?

Then let me help you live a richer and fuller life, the one that you deserve, free from body consciousness.

Working with a Body Confidence Coach will help you to:

  • Enjoy moving your body.
  • Be comfortable looking in the mirror.
  • Be intimate with your partner without embarrassment.
  • Stop hiding behind make-up and clothes.
  • Feel comfortable wearing whatever you want.
  • Wear a swimsuit with confidence.
  • Get off the diet treadmill and make peace with your body.
  • Socialise without the fear of being judged by your appearance.

Body Confidence Coach, Judi Craddock

All of these things are possible when you relate to your body in a different way – by becoming kinder and more compassionate towards it.

Body confidence coaching isn’t about changing your body – it’s about changing the way you think about it.

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Your body is not the problem

But the way you think about it is.

Dieting, cosmetic procedures, extreme exercise programmes are not the key to feeling better about your body. None of these deal with the real reason you feel uncomfortable in your body.

Punishing your body with food restriction and exercise can’t give you lasting body confidence.  Better body image starts with your mind.

When you see your body in an accepting way, you’ll have a new respect for it.  You’ll want to treat it with care – eating foods that give you energy, moving your body in ways that feel good for you, and resting when you need to.

This may seem alien.  I get that.  We’ve been taught that feeling better in our bodies means changing them.  Why do you think that is?  The diet and beauty industries make billions of dollars for a reason.  Insecurity sells.  If we all woke up tomorrow liking ourselves, they’d be out of business!

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Harness the power of your mind

Your mind has the power to think about your body in a kind and compassionate way.

When you harness this power, it will change how you relate to your body, AND save you money on useless diets and beauty products!

Working with a coach can help you turn down the volume on the negative thoughts about your body.

As a Body Confidence Coach, I help you navigate the unhealthy world of the media and show you how to stop comparisons that keep you stuck in poor body image.  I teach you how to feel neutral in your body and create an environment in which your body confidence can grow.

Changing how you think about your body will help you reclaim your time and energy to focus on the things that matter most to you, like your relationship, family and career.

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With Judi’s guidance, I’ve dispelled negative beliefs about my body that have been ingrained for over 30 years.

Naomi, Ireland

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