What to do when you still crave your ideal body

Have you ever craved your ‘ideal’ body even after committing to body acceptance?

When you’re making inroads into body acceptance, there can still be times when thoughts of your ‘ideal’ body pop into your head.

These thoughts can throw you off track IF you let them….

So in today’s episode, I’m explaining why craving your ideal body is completely normal, and how to get yourself back on track with body acceptance.

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Body acceptance – the vital first step

Choosing to embark on the body acceptance journey is a vital and incredible first step in having a better relationship with your body.

If you’ve already made this decision, that’s wonderful. If you haven’t, that’s fine too – although the fact you’re reading this tells me you are open to body acceptance!

BUT I want to tell you about something that is likely to happen even if you have decided you WANT to accept your body.

The body acceptance paradox

It’s something that might creep up on you and make you feel like your efforts at body acceptance have been derailed…

I see this happening all the time with clients and I want you to be aware of it so you can face it head on.

And it’s this – at some point it’s likely you’ll crave your ideal body again.

You’ll think that body acceptance doesn’t work or that maybe you aren’t cut out for it.

And you’ll find comfort in wanting to revert to the ideal body that you have been chasing for a long time.

To crave your ideal body is normal!

When this happens, please don’t panic or chuck in the towel on body acceptance. It’s actually quite normal!

Change is always a challenge for the brain, particularly your inner critic who is working to keep you safe.

Your inner monkey might just interpret the changes you are making as a sign of danger and throw up some red flags. It will tell you to go back to what you know.

And just because you take a decision to walk the path of body acceptance, it doesn’t mean that the world around you is going to stop spewing out the old narrative of, “You need a smaller body to live a better life.

You’re only human, so you can’t help but be affected by those old stories.

Over time, these messages will have less power over you, but for the time being, be gentle with yourself!

Challenging your ideal body

Whenever you pine for the smaller, thinner, ‘better’ or whatever body just acknowledge what is happening.  You’re experiencing the desire to have your ideal body.  Realise that it’s a completely natural part of your body acceptance journey.

Then, use the following questions to challenge your desire and engage your rational brain.  This will help you take back control from your inner critic:

  • How will my life be better if my body is thinner etc.?
  • What is the cost to me of chasing this ideal body?
  • What purpose does body obsession serve in my life?
  • How would life be different if I wasn’t thinking about my body?

I’d love to know if you still crave your ideal body on your body acceptance journey.  Please leave a comment below.

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