Want to fix your body? Do this instead

Does trying to fix your body consume your life and take over your identity?

If so, maybe it’s time to stop!

In this post, I’m exploring:

  • How attempts to fix your body negatively impact your life.
  • What really happens when you decide to stop fixing your body.
  • How to embrace body acceptance and start fully living your life.

Listen or read below:

The desire to fix your body – a full time job

For many clients, attempts to achieve the perfect body have become like a full-time job. 

They’re either thinking about ways to fix their body, working out, worrying about what to eat or obsessing over others’ reactions to how they look.

This constant pursuit of the perfect body has become part of their identity.  It’s taken up so much of their time and energy, that everything else in their life has been crowded out.

Clients decide to work with me when they’re fed up feeling bad about their body and not fully living their life. 

But they’re also scared.  Scared that if they stop pursuing a better body, they’ll let themselves go – but also scared of exactly WHO they’ll be if they’re not trying to fix their body.

Calling time on fixing your body

When you embrace your body and feel more neutral about it, you’ll have a lot more time and energy to focus on other things!  But letting go of the need to fix your body can be scary if you don’t know who you’d be without it.  It can feel like an empty void that you’re not sure how to fill.

And the focus on fixing your body feels safe because it’s so familiar.  It’s probably influenced the sorts of activities you do, been a constant topic of discussion with friends and an excuse NOT to get on with some of your life goals.

So, it’s not surprising that calling time on trying to fix your body can feel scary.

But any time you make a change, it feels scary precisely because you’re moving away from the comfortable and the familiar.

But believe me, even though it’s scary, I don’t know a single person who has regretted working on accepting their body.

How to stop trying to fix your body

So, if you’re fed up feeling bad in your body, but scared about what will happen if you stop trying to fix it, I’ve got some coaching questions to help you:

What impact does the way you feel about your body have on your life? 

For example, do you avoid going swimming or wearing a bathing suit on holiday?  Do you find it difficult to enjoy social occasions or spending time with a partner?  Have you put off asking for a promotion at work or getting back into dating because you wanted to fix your body first?

How would your life be different if you felt more neutral in your body? 

For example, you might be in a new relationship or enjoy your existing one more.  You might have the confidence to start a business or ask for a promotion at work.  Or you’d enjoy going on holiday without worrying about how you look in your swimsuit.

Who would you be if you weren’t trying to fix your body? 

Would you be a happier, more confident, peaceful, kinder, fun loving or free-spirited version of yourself?

Answering these questions will help identify how your feelings about your body hold you back, and what your life could be like if you stop trying to fix your body and embrace the one you’re in.

I’d love to know – who would you be if you weren’t trying to fix your body? Leave a comment below.

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