How to get a beach body mind-set

How to get a beach body mind-set

How to get a beach body mind-set

As we head into summer holiday season in the UK (and I’m sure it’s the same wherever you are at the moment, unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere!), we’re bombarded with magazine articles and adverts telling us how to get that ‘beach body’.

I’m already sick of it!

It’s these kinds of messages that can turn holiday excitement into vacation body anxiety IF you let them.

Bear in mind that the products being advertised as the magic pill for a beach body are feeding off your insecurities, playing on any negative thoughts you might already be having about your body.

Going into this summer season, I want to you focus NOT on making your body beach ready, but your mind-set!

Here are my four top tips for getting your mind-set beach ready:

Ditch any media that is promoting the beach body ideal

In the run up to your summer vacation, make sure you aren’t exposing yourself to any media prone to beach body make-over madness, whether that’s magazines or social media

Lean into the fear of being seen in your swimmers

Even if you feel afraid of wearing your swimsuit, put it on and head to the beach anyway. It’s the fear of what might happen that is greater than the reality.

Ask what is the worst thing that can happen? It’s unlikely you’ll get laughed off the beach, which is the type of irrational fear we can have!

Once you can acknowledge the fear, but carry on anyway, you take away its power over you.

Acknowledge that others are busy judging their own bodies

If you fear your body being judged, know that for most people, looking at your body is the least of their concerns – they’re too busy worrying about their own.

Focus on the experience

If you get your body out on the beach, what can you experience and enjoy? Swimming, feeling the sun on your skin, the sand between your toes?

Let this be your motivation for getting your swimmers on. In fact, imagine what you would be missing out on hiding underneath a towel or an over-sized beach cover up.

Now over to you, what are you going to do to get your mind-set beach ready? Leave me a comment below.

Now, go have fun on your vacations. All you need to do to be beach body ready is get your swimmers on and GO!!!!!!!!

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