The importance of building ‘playtime’ into your life

How often do you allow yourself some ‘playtime’?

As adults, we often stop playing.

We stop giving ourselves the opportunity to be silly, crazy, imaginative or creative.

In this post, I’m exploring the importance of playtime in your life, and how making time for play can help your body confidence.

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What’s playtime got to do with body image??

Now you might be wondering what the heck playtime has to do with body image, but let me explain.

For children, playtime is a natural part of everyday life. It’s time for them to enjoy themselves, let off steam and learn new things.

When we become adults, we stop thinking that it’s okay to ‘play’.

We believe that play is ‘not for us’ and that we have to fill our lives (even our leisure time) with ‘worthwhile’ or ‘achievement’ driven tasks.

The problem is, that if you’re always ‘ON’ doing tasks and chores, how do you ever truly let off steam or give your mind a break?

When it comes to body image, it’s your mind that keeps you stuck in negative body image. Negative body thoughts create a cycle of body shame or hate.

If you’re constantly engaging in tasks that require your brain to keep ticking over in the same pattern of thoughts, when can you ever switch off from them?

Using playtime to build body confidence

Allowing yourself time to play, (doing things that you consider to be play for you), helps to take your mind away from everyday ways of thinking and being, including body critical thoughts.

Building playtime into your life gives your brain a much needed break from everyday thoughts, cares and concerns.

Playtime is about doing something for the fun of it, not because it produces any tangible end result.

What does playtime mean for you?

If you could ‘play’ what would you do?

Maybe you would dust off an old board game to play with the family? Or maybe you’d go back to an old favourite pastime like building Lego or models? Or perhaps you’d run around laughing and giggling just because it felt good?

I have to admit that if I ever have the chance to go on a bouncy castle I will! It’s fun for the sake of it, and a wonderful release too! Or a good alternative is my hula hoop (one of my favourite things to do as a child) that I still have in the garage.

When you take time to play, you stop taking yourself and your thoughts so seriously. When you can lighten your mood and boost your happy hormones, you won’t allow body negativity to take such a strong hold over your life.

I strongly recommend that if you don’t currently ‘play’ you find some time to do so!

I’d love to know what you do with your playtime, or what you’re planning to do from now on.  Please leave a comment below.

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