How to build your Body Confidence Tribe

When you’re surrounded by people who are constantly down on themselves or their bodies, how does it make you feel?

I’m pretty sure that being around these kinds of people isn’t an uplifting experience!

That’s why if you want a better relationship with your body, you need to surround yourself with people who have a positive influence.

In this post, I’m sharing four ways that you can build your very own Body Confidence Tribe.

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What is a Body Confidence Tribe?

On the journey to better body confidence, you want a circle of supportive, kind and motivational people around you. I call this my body confidence ‘tribe’.

These are the people that you are comfortable sharing how you’re feeling with.   You can turn to them when you’re having a bad day, and you know they 100% have got your back.

Your tribe might be people that you meet up with face to face, or they could be a virtual tribe or a mixture of both.

One thing that I’ve discovered on my body confidence journey is that being around people who are toxic or draining DOES not serve you.

How to build your tribe

If you haven’t already got some body confidence buddies, maybe it’s time to start building your tribe to support you along your journey.

Here’s a few ideas to help you build your tribe:

Who among your family and friends would make a good tribe member?

Sadly, we sometimes have to look outside our immediate circle for support with body confidence, but it is always worth thinking about who has an open, accepting and positive attitude who’d be great to have in your tribe.

What in-person groups might you be able to join in your area?

Sites like meetup are great for finding like-minded groups of people. Or if there isn’t one, why not consider starting your own?

What on-line groups can you join?

There are lots of different groups on Facebook for example.

I have a body confidence group called, The Body Confidence Journey, which you are more than welcome to join.  It’s a supportive space for women to share their body confidence struggles and access advice and support.

Research body positive advocates or body image experts

Even if you never meet them, by following advocates or experts on social media you’ll be soaking up their supportive and motivational messages.

Go ahead and build your body confidence tribe!  If you need help getting started, why not join my Body Confidence Tribe?

I’d love to know who you have in your body confidence tribe and what benefits you experience from being a part of a supportive group.  Please leave a comment below.

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