Why body acceptance DOESN’T mean you have to like your looks

When I coach a client, I help her strip away unhelpful beliefs about body acceptance.

These beliefs make the body acceptance journey WAY harder than it needs to be.

And there’s one belief that thwarts a woman’s efforts at body acceptance more than any other.

So, to stop you falling into this trap, in this post I’m sharing:

  • The #1 belief that holds women back from body acceptance.
  • How this belief keeps you struggling to accept your body.
  • The mind-set shift that allows you to move towards body acceptance with greater ease and peace of mind.

Watch or read below:

The body acceptance trap

There’s one trap I consistently see women fall into when they’re working on body acceptance.

It’s something I see happening a lot, and it’s this – they focus on how to like their looks.

They think the key to feeling comfortable in their skin is to like what they see in the mirror.

If this sounds like you, it’s not your fault.

We live in a world that has conditioned you to believe that your worth resides in attractiveness.

But the impact you make during your lifetime does NOT depend on how attractive you are. You will be remembered for who you are.

The true meaning of body acceptance

Body acceptance does not mean you have to like your looks. It’s about knowing you are good enough regardless of what you look like.

This means that the way to feel better about yourself is not to like your looks, but to build up your worth to a point where you don’t think about appearance.

Body acceptance means that even if you don’t like your looks, you know that you are worthy and valuable regardless.

When you accept your body, if you don’t like what you see in the mirror, it’s not going to stop you getting on with your day.

But because you’ve been conditioned to believe that your worth and looks are intertwined, it’s not surprising that you think body acceptance can only occur when you like your looks.

Moving past liking your looks

If you believe you must like your looks to accept your body, you can relax, because you don’t! Let yourself off that hook. You haven’t failed at body acceptance.

Right now, give yourself permission to be okay with not liking the way you look.

This is something we work on in my coaching programme, The Body Confidence Journey. During the programme, I help women to build up their worth beyond their appearance, so it’s no longer dependent on how they look.

When you know your value, you’re less at the mercy of societal standards and the opinions of others.

If you’d like to explore whether my coaching programme is a good fit for you, answer a few questions for me, and I’ll get straight back to you.

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