This session is for you if…

  • You’re fed up with the way you feel about your body taking its toll on your relationship, career, or social life.
  • You want to accept your body, but you don’t know where to start.
  • You’ve been struggling with low body confidence for a long time, and don’t want to deal with this on your own anymore.
  • You’re curious about what it’s like to work with a body confidence coach, but you don’t have the resources to commit to a long-term coaching programme right now.
  • Above all, you feel stuck and want to shake things up and start feeling more comfortable in your body.

If this sounds like you, I’d love to help you get unstuck and free up your time, energy, and head space to focus on the things that matter most to you.

About Judi, Body Confidence Coach

I’m Judi Craddock, a coach specialising in women’s body image, self-worth and confidence. I help body conscious women stop chasing the perfect body and embrace the one they’re in.

I’m the author of The Little Book of Body Confidence and creator of the 1:1 coaching programme, The Body Confidence Journey.

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Having spoken to Judi for just 45 minutes, I’m starting to see things differently. I’m catching myself doing things that fuel the negativity and stopping them.

Emma, Oxfordshire

Even after a brief conversation with Judi, I was able to find a different way to think about my body.

Rachel, London

In just 45 minutes Judi helped me change how I look at my body. Judi made me realise, we spend a lot of time defining our bodies based on parameters that have been defined by others (society, childhood, friends). My biggest takeaway from the session was ‘Just listen to your body! It has all the answers.

Ritu, Reading

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