The surprising body image myths

What do you believe about body image? So, for example….

* It’s meaning?
* Best ways to IMPROVE it?

Chances are, some of the things you believe about body image aren’t true.

Instead, they’re body image myths that are holding back your efforts at better body confidence.

In this post, I’m sharing two body image myths that surprise most of the women I speak to.

These myths sound, on the face of things, very believable! And it’s their believeability that makes them so harmful to body image.

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Since I’ve been working in the field of body image, I’ve come across plenty of body image myths ranging from what body image means to what are the best ways to improve it.

But the myths I want to explore today are not obvious body image myths.  And they also tend to be the ones that surprise women the most!

So let me walk you through these two surprising body image myths.

Body image myth #1: positive compliments make you feel better about your body

First of all, I’m going to start with a myth that we’ve all bought into at some time or other (including me).

That’s the belief that getting positive compliments about your appearance will give you a positive body image.

It’s easy to be sucked in by it. For example, who hasn’t felt good, (if only for a moment), when you’re told you ‘look good’?

Although it seems pretty logical to believe this myth, it just isn’t the case.  Research indicates that appearance related compliments do not improve body image – in fact, they can make it worse.

Why this myth doesn’t hold true

One possible reason is an over reliance on compliments to feel good in your body. When the compliments dry up, if you don’t have your own internal resources to draw on during those bad body days, your body image will suffer.

Secondly, being on the receiving end of compliments can lead to greater body consciousness.

So don’t rely on positive comments about your appearance to boost your body confidence.  And think twice about making appearance based compliments to someone who is low in body confidence.

Body image myth #2: body image worsens with age

The second body image myth, at first glance, seems extremely reasonable. It’s a myth that the beauty and anti-ageing industry are working hard to make us believe – that it’s hard to have a positive body image as you age.

It doesn’t matter what media you’re consuming, there are plenty of ads to convince you that looking older is one of the worst things that can happen to you!

BUT, the good news is, the research does NOT support this myth! Instead, it shows that positive body image INCREASES with age.

Why this myth doesn’t hold true

The likely explanation for this finding is that as you age, you’re better able to appreciate what your body does for you and all it’s been through.

It seems that with wisdom comes the gift of better body appreciation.

So as you age, embrace this wonderful truth – that with wisdom your appreciation for your body will grow.

I’d love to know what body image myths you’ve come across and what impact they’ve had on you.  Please leave a comment below.

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