3 ways to practise body neutrality

Does the body confidence journey feel like an impossible ideal to you?

If so, it might be that you’re expecting to like or love your body ALL of the time.

The version of ‘body love’ that’s promoted today can seem as unattainable as the beauty ideals that proliferate the media.

BUT, you don’t have to LOVE your body to be body confident.

In today’s post, I’m sharing a more realistic approach to improving body image known as body neutrality.

If you’re stuck in body hate, body neutrality will help put you on the journey to better body confidence.

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Body love versus body hate

For many women, the thought of being able to ‘love’ a body that for so long you’ve been conditioned to hate or dislike can seem out of reach.

Yet the truth is that either extreme – hating your body or striving for a version of body love that you can’t reach – can be harmful to your body image.

Body neutrality – another alternative

Body neutrality is defined as having a ‘neutral’ attitude to your body.  It bridges the gap between body hate and body love.

It’s a more realistic approach to improving body image.

Body neutrality is about respecting and honouring your body, but not giving too much head space to positive or negative thoughts about it.

While body neutrality recognises that it’s not realistic to be able to love or even like your body all the time, its purpose is to reduce the focus on the body, so you can get on with your life.

How to practise body neutrality

If you’ve been finding the body confidence journey a bit tough, it might be that you are expecting to love and embrace every part of your body ALL the time.

Instead of chasing yet another attainable ideal, give the practise of body neutrality a try. Here’s a few ways to practise body neutrality:

How do I feel in my body?

Asking yourself this question at various points in the day helps you figure out what you need in order to feel good.

So you might need to eat something, a drink or a stretch.

Or, if you’re getting dressed, rather than picking something that hides your body, pick something based on what is comfortable, appropriate and allows you to express yourself.

This question is not about what you feel you should do with your body, it’s about tuning into your needs.

Body neutrality is about helping to free you from obsession about your body.

Focus on your body’s function

View your body as a well-oiled machine going about its day to day business so you can do the things you need to do.

Your job is to keep it functioning with regular servicing: nourishing food, water, regular breaks, and movement.

Focus on your life

When you obsess about your body, it takes up time and head space that could be re-directed elsewhere.

Being body neutral is about seeing yourself as more than a body, and focusing on life outside of your body.

I’d love to know what it feels like for you to put into practice these body neutral tips. Please leave a comment below.

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