Negative body image is ruining my relationship

Do you feel like negative body image is ruining your relationship?

Clients often approach me when they fear their body image is ruining the relationship with their partner.

Overwhelmed with negativity about their body, they wonder how their partner can find them attractive and end up pushing them away.

So in this post, I’m looking at the damage negative body image does to your relationship, and three things to start doing to get it back on track.

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The impact of negative body image on your relationship

If you don’t feel comfortable with your body, it’s likely to have a knock-on impact on your relationship with your partner.

Clients often seek out my support when they feel that negative body image is ruining their relationship. They fear that if they don’t act, their marriage or partnership will be in trouble.

And when I ask them about the impact negative body image is having on their relationship, they tell me that:

  • Their partner doesn’t get to see them naked.
  • They push their partner away.
  • Their partner is frustrated hearing the way they put their body down.
  • They believe their partner finds other women more attractive.
  • Their sex life is non existent or unfulfilling.
  • They don’t understand why their partner is with them.

And all these things, sadly, add up to a strained relationship where intimacy is difficult and no amount of reassurance from their partner is ever enough.

Strategies to get your body image & relationship back on track

So, if your relationship is in trouble because of negative body image, what can you do? Well, I’ve got a few pointers to get you started:

Firstly, believe your partner

If your partner tells you they love you, finds you sexy or thinks you’re the most amazing woman, it’s time to start believing it. It’s frustrating for your partner when you don’t believe them.

And, if you continue to deflect or rebuff their compliments, they may eventually get tired of telling you.

When you don’t believe your partner, that’s about YOU, not them. Regardless of what you think about yourself right now, your partner’s feelings are valid.

Secondly, talk about it

Be honest about what you’re going through. Explain to them the thoughts you have about your body and how they impact the way you feel and your behaviour.

You might want to thank them for all the help and support they have offered you so far, reassuring them that how you feel is nothing to do with anything they have or haven’t done.

Answer any questions they have as best you can. Then, if you’re ready, make a commitment to working on your body image to help you and the relationship.

Finally, take ownership

Own the fact that the way you feel about your body is pushing your partner away or having a negative impact on your relationship.

It isn’t just your partner’s job to help you to feel good about yourself. It’s true that in a loving relationship, unconditional love and support helps you feel positive about yourself. However, you need enough self-worth in the first place to be able to accept this love.

So, decide that you will do what it takes to work on your body image. Ultimately, body image is an inside job. You can’t rely on external approval and validation to feel comfortable in your skin.

Deciding that you want to have a better relationship with your body is the first step on your body confidence journey. And, if you commit to this, a loving partner will be happy to cheer you on all the way!

If you feel that your negative body image is ruining your relationship, and you want some help to identify what’s blocking your body confidence, you can book a FREE Body Confidence Break-Through Call with me.

In the call, you’ll get clear on your #1 block to better body confidence and how to clear it. 

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