How to measure your body confidence progress

If you ever feel disappointed with your body confidence progress, you’re not alone!

I see many women berate their progress feeling they just don’t have what it takes to feel comfortable in their body.

But in this post, I’m explaining two reasons you might think you aren’t making progress when you ARE!

PLUS, I’m revealing the all important progress you ARE making without even realising it!

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Help!  I’m not making progress with my body confidence

It’s easy to become despondent if you feel you’re not making the progress you’d expected.

When you embark on a journey aimed at development and growth, it always feels exciting at the start.

But no journey is devoid of challenges or difficulties to overcome. When these arise, I see women start to doubt themselves.  They beat themselves up for not having what it takes to grow in body confidence.

And they conclude that they aren’t making any body confidence progress and instead believe they’re going backwards.

Why you think you’re not making any progress (when you ARE!)

It’s at this point that I reassure them that they have made progress – they just can’t see it. There’s normally two reasons for this.

Firstly, they have completely unrealistic expectations of the progress they can make in a short time period.

It’s totally unrealistic to go from body hate to body love in the short term. Body hate is something that is learnt over a long time, so it’s going to take some time to UNLEARN it!

Secondly, they’re discounting their progress because it doesn’t seem big or significant enough.

I truly believe that the greatest transformations are not made in big leaps, but in a series of small subtle shifts that occur gradually.

Lack of progress isn’t the issue – it’s the way that body confidence progress is being measured.

The signs of body confidence progress

If you’re struggling to notice and acknowledge your body confidence progress, I’m going to share with you the subtle but vital progress you’re making without even realising it.

So you’re making progress if you…

  • Made a decision to work on accepting your body – that’s the first step!
  • Are aware of your negative body thoughts (even if you don’t know how to deal with them);
  • Have found ways to deal with negative thoughts, even if they don’t work all the time;
  • Don’t compare your body on some days (even if on other days you do!);
  • Notice when media is designed to induce body shame or dissatisfaction;
  • Realise when you’re being judgemental of other people’s bodies (even if you don’t know how to stop it yet);
  • Are aware of people who body bitch and it doesn’t sit right with you;
  • Have called someone out on their body bitching;
  • Are showing a bit more flesh (even if it’s only an extra inch somewhere!);
  • Have begun following body positive accounts on social media and unfollowing those that trigger body shame;
  • Read books, blogs or watch videos about body confidence.

I hope you get the idea!

There are so many other small ways that you are making body confidence progress.

Many of the examples of progress I’ve shared are about awareness. Awareness is key. You can’t make change until you have awareness, so this is a vital step, especially at the beginning of your journey.

I hope that I’ve helped you to see your body confidence progress in a new light today!

I’d love to hear about your subtle but vital progress along your body confidence journey so far.  Please leave a comment below.

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