How to value your uniqueness

When I’ve been working with a client for a while, they start to realise that body image work is about a lot MORE than just body acceptance.

Many of the feelings that you experience as being about your body, are REALLY about something else.

The problem is, it’s easy to project general feelings of dissatisfaction onto your body.

That’s why body image work is NOT just about the body. It’s about taking the focus off your body and looking at yourself and your life as a WHOLE.

If you’re going to feel comfortable in your skin, you need to feel comfortable with yourself as a person and the life you are creating.

In this post, I’m sharing an exercise that will help you take a holistic view of yourself and what makes you unique.

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Beyond body acceptance

At the surface level, body image work is about getting to a place of body acceptance.

When you can accept your body, it allows you to go about your day to day life without worrying or obsessing about how you look.

But the truth is, that acceptance is only a part of what’s really happening when you work on your body image.

For may people, body hate is dissatisfaction with the self that has been turned on the body.

This means that once you’ve got to a place where you can accept or feel neutral about your body, you still feel a nagging sense of not being good enough.

Why it’s important to value your uniqueness

That ‘not good enough’ feeling is at the root of the body dislike in the first place.

Feeling comfortable with all that you are means that you have to dig a bit deeper.  You need to get to know, like and value your uniqueness.

To do this, you need to look at yourself in the same way a stranger might when they meet you for the first time and learn what makes you unique.

I’m a unique and valuable person exercise

To help you to value your uniqueness, I’ve got an exercise for you to try.

It’s called: I’m a unique and valuable person.  Here’s how it works:

Draw up a table with the following column headings: personality, hobbies, what I’m proud of, skills or talents.

Under each heading list and describe your personality, hobbies, etc.

Once you’re done, look at what you’ve written in each column and repeat to yourself:

“I am a unique and valuable person with personality, skills and interests.”

Keep adding to the table as and when you think of more things.  Put your list up where you can see it and look at it often.

Doing this exercise will help you to value your uniqueness based on the totally of who you are, building a stronger sense of self-worth.

I’d love to know how this exercise has helped you to value your uniqueness. Please leave a comment below.

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