How to deal with a body confidence setback

Ever feel like a body confidence setback is sabotaging your body image?

Rest assured, it’s normal to have setbacks. It’s all part of the journey.

In this post, I’m explaining how to plan for bad body days BEFORE they happen.

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Body confidence setbacks

Even when you’ve made significant inroads with your body confidence, there will times when it feels like it’s all going a bit poo pantarama!

Let me reassure you that a body confidence set back is completely normal.

Remember that the way you feel about your body can ebb and flow from one day to the next. Some days, it just takes a snarky comment or some triggering media to send you into a bad body day spiral.

This is precisely why I call body confidence a journey.  Sometimes you’re going to take a wrong turn or drive around in circles.  But that’s okay.  Because each time that happens, you learn from it. Each time you deal with a body confidence set back, your body image resilience grows.

Dealing with a body confidence setback

So as clients come to the end of a coaching programme with me, we spend time looking at ways they can deal with a body confidence set back once they’re flying solo.

Together we create a plan of their ‘go-to’ strategies for dealing with a bad body day. Doing this work sets them up to handle whatever setbacks come their way.

I truly believe that being prepared for setbacks makes them that much easier to deal with when they happen.

So, what will help you when faced with a body confidence setback?

I normally get clients to reflect on the most helpful techniques, strategies or perspectives they’ve learnt during coaching, and these form the basis of their plan.

For you, what might be a ‘go-to’ tool or technique to help you deal with a body confidence set back?

It might be something you’ve used to help your body confidence in the past, or a technique you’ve used effectively in another area of your life.

Personally, I like to use one of the following four strategies:

1. Compassion

Remind yourself that you’re human and that your body confidence will ebb and flow.

2. Gratitude

Immediately express gratitude for some function of your body the moment you have a setback.

3. Seek out your body positive environment

Find a person, book, blog, group or other safe space.

4. Take the focus off your body

Remind yourself of what’s important in your life such as family, friends, supporting causes you believe in, fulfilling work.

Having a body confidence set back plan is invaluable when you’re caught in a spiral.

If you need help to create your own plan for dealing with a body confidence setback, we work through this on my 1:1 coaching programme, The Body Confidence Journey.

Want to know if my coaching programme is a good fit for you? 

Book a Body Confidence Discovery call so we can chat about what you’re looking to achieve with your body confidence, and if the programme is right for you.

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