Discover your Body Confidence Saboteurs

If you struggle to feel comfortable in your body, do you know why?

When I first start working with a woman, she often struggles to identify what’s sabotaging her body image.

But in my experience, there are four things that stop a woman from having a better relationship with her body.

I call these her ‘body confidence saboteurs’.

In this post, I’m talking about the four body confidence saboteurs we all face, and how you can identify and clear them.

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What are body confidence saboteurs?

Body confidence saboteurs are the things that hold you back from having a better relationship with your body.

One of the first things I do with a client joining my coaching programme, is help her identify and clear out her body confidence saboteurs.

Often these saboteurs won’t be obvious – they lurk under the cover of darkness where they do the most harm.

Until you understand what has been holding back your body confidence, you can’t begin to forge a new relationship with your body.

What’s sabotaging your body image?

To help you identify and clear out your body confidence saboteurs, here are the four main types:

The first type of saboteur are the beliefs that you have about your body, or bodies in general.

Beliefs start forming in childhood and are influenced by family, friends, society and life experiences.

Beliefs affect what you think and feel about your body, so their influence is huge. For example, if you grew up in a family where weight and appearance were equated with worth, you may still believe this today.

To help you understand your body beliefs, try recalling early memories of feeling bad about your body:

What belief did you form as a result?

What impact does this belief have on your body confidence?

How helpful is it to hold onto this belief?

Are you willing to let it go?

The second type of body confidence saboteur are physical blocks.

Physical blocks are items that trigger the feeling that your body isn’t good enough. For example, clothes that don’t fit you, left over diet foods, exercise equipment you never use or beauty products that never delivered on their promises.

Think about any items you might have lurking around the house that make you feel bad about your body and clear them out!

The third type of saboteur are people.

Who is holding your back from better body confidence?

They might be weight obsessed family or friends or people that feel they have a right to comment on your appearance.

Whoever they are, decide what actions you can take to reduce their impact on you.

The final type of body confidence saboteur are your habits.

What habits do you have that leave you feeling bad about your body? For example, comparing yourself to others, negative thinking or using social media that triggers body anxiety.

What habits can you ditch straight away to boost your body image?

Working through your saboteurs

Body confidence saboteurs have a huge influence on your body image, so identifying them and actively working to clear them out is key.

So take time to think about each of the saboteurs and how they’re affecting your body confidence. Then, decide what actions you can take to clear them from your life.

And, if you need help to identify and clear out your body confidence saboteurs this is an exercise we work through in my 1:1 coaching programme, The Body Confidence Journey.

Want to know if my coaching programme is a good fit for you? 

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