How to deal with body anxiety this Christmas

how to deal with body anxiety this Christmas

Christmas as a trigger for body anxiety

For many women, Christmas triggers body anxiety.

If you’re conscious of your weight or shape, you may find yourself obsessing about what you’re eating when surrounded by large quantities of food.

To compound this, weight and diet talk are often a topic of conversation around the table when families get together!

Dealing with body anxiety

Any time you spend worrying or obsessing over what you’re eating at Christmas is time that you’re missing out on with family or friends.

To help you deal with body anxiety this Christmas, I’ve got a quick process that you can work through in your head so you can get on with the festivities.

If being around food or family triggers negative body thoughts, try these three steps:

Step 1: Notice the negative body thought

Firstly, notice any negative thoughts you’re having about your body and observe, but don’t engage with them.

Then, try saying to yourself, “Although I’m having this thought, I’m not triggered by it.”

Step 2: Prepare a body confidence mantra

If you know that you’re prone to negative thinking around food, prepare a body confidence boosting mantra in advance, like:

“I’m just really thankful to have food to eat and to be able to spend time with family today.”

“No food is “good” or “bad,” all foods fit into a healthy diet.”

“The only reason I should ever feel guilty about eating X is if I stole it!”

Next, say your mantra in your head and repeat it until you feel more positive. You may even want to say your mantra as a statement to others when they engage in diet or weight based talk.

Step 3: Be proud of yourself

Give yourself credit for dealing with your body anxiety head on and focus on enjoying the time you have with family and friends.

Don’t let body anxiety get in the way of enjoying Christmas this year!

Have a wonderful festive season!!

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