Create your ‘Body Confidence Enablers’

What does it take to develop a healthy relationship with your body?

This is something it took me a long time to understand.

Through personal experience and working with clients, I learned the key elements needed for better body confidence.

And in this post, I’m sharing the three key elements you need (or as I call them… Body Confidence Enablers).

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What are body confidence enablers?

Body confidence enablers allow you to create and maintain a healthy relationship with your body, one where you are compassionate, kind and respectful towards it.

Therefore, helping clients create body confidence enablers is vital in my coaching work.

So once you’ve identified and cleared out what’s been sabotaging your body confidence (a.k.a. body confidence saboteurs), you’re ready to create the foundations of a fresh new relationship.

Creating your body confidence enablers

So how do you create enablers to support you on your journey?

Well, I’ve found three key elements:

Firstly, you need empowering body beliefs.

What you believe about your body determines what you think and feel about it.  This often means re-programming what you’ve believed about your body for most of your life.

But once you’ve cleared out unhelpful beliefs, there’s space for empowering beliefs that support body confidence.

So what would you choose to believe about your body if you weren’t listening to the voices of others like family or society?

Maybe you’d believe your body was a vehicle to achieving your dreams or as a miracle that’s constantly working to keep you alive?

List them all out and put them where you can see them.

Secondly, you need body positive habits.

These are simple habits practised regularly that build up your body confidence. Perhaps it’s a regular gratitude practice, journaling about your feelings, movement that feels good or meditation.

Make a list of all the habits you can bring into your life and pick one that you will practise daily.

Finally, you need to create a body positive environment.

A body positive environment is a safe space where your body confidence can grow.  It includes surrounding yourself with people who are positive about bodies and consuming body positive content whether that’s books, blog posts or body positive social media.

Decide who you want in your body confidence tribe and what content you will consume to keep your body positive reserves topped up.

So that’s it, three key elements to support better body confidence.

If you need help to create your own enablers, we work through this on my 1:1 coaching programme, The Body Confidence Journey.

Want to know if my coaching programme is a good fit for you? 

Book a Body Confidence Discovery call so we can chat about what you’re looking to achieve with your body confidence, and if the programme is right for you.

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