Believe you ARE enough this Christmas

Do you feel like you are enough?

Or maybe you have a constant feeling of never quite measuring up?

If you sometimes feel that you are not enough, this post is for you!

I’m sharing a wonderful practice you can use to create and reinforce the belief that you ARE enough (because you are!).

Watch or read below:

A gift that will last a lifetime

Today I want to give you a gift that I hope will stay with you for a lifetime.

That gift is the belief that you ARE enough.

In today’s society we’re constantly being told that we need to be more, have more and do more, so it’s easy to feel that you aren’t enough.

Can you relate to that feeling? I know that I can.

When I tune into too much societal noise, I feel like nothing I do is ever enough, that I am lacking, flawed and a failure.

You ARE enough (yes, you are!)

I want to tell you the truth…. You ARE enough.

Let’s face it, the voices that tell us we aren’t enough will not go away anytime soon, especially when they are effective in selling us products and services promising to make us ‘whole’ and ‘perfect’.

Don’t let your voice be one of the many out there saying that you aren’t enough.

That voice will never help you to be happier, healthier or more fulfilled.

Only when you can cultivate love and kindness towards yourself, will you begin to experience self-acceptance and an inner knowing that you have value and worth in this crazy world.

How to practice enough-ness

My Christmas gift to you is a beautiful practice I learned in a meditation class run by the wonderful writer and Dru Yoga and meditation Teacher, Stella Tomlinson.

Stella has also written a wonderful book called, “Peace Lies Within – 108 ways to tame your mind and connect to inner peace”, which I highly recommend!

Every day, take a few moments to get comfortable, close your eyes and breathe deeply.

As you breathe in, tell yourself silently, “I am” and as you breathe out say, “enough”.

Continue breathing in and out saying in your head, “I am enough.”

You might also want to move onto say:

“My body is enough”
“I am doing enough”
“I have enough”

While continuing the same pattern of breath.

Repeat this daily or whenever you experience those feelings of not being enough.

I’d love to know how this practice feels for you.  Does it help you to feel that you are enough?  Please leave a comment below.

Well, that’s it from me in 2018! I’ll be taking a break over the Christmas holidays and I’ll be back on 4th January with another post. I wish you a wonderful holiday season.

I’ll see you in 2019!

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