4 habits that will make you more body confident

4 habits to make you more body confident

I’m often asked for quick tips to help women feel more body confident.  While there isn’t a short cut to being body confident, there are some habits that will support you on your journey. In fact, healthy habits are vital to ensuring that any deeper work you are doing to be body confident such as coaching or counselling are effective in the long term.

Give these 4 body confidence boosting habits a try and watch your body confidence soar:

Habit #1: read inspiring quotes & repeat affirmations

One of the most effective ways I’ve found to train my brain to be more body positive is to read inspiring quotes and repeat body positive affirmations on a daily basis.

I recently came across an app called ‘Body Beautiful’, packed with inspiring quotes and articles on body confidence that you can dive into daily. The application also has a body confidence pledge you can sign up to and some fun extras.  Find out more about the app here.

Affirmations are statements made in the present that are positive.  Ideally, affirmations are most effective when repeated twice a day.  For example, you might choose something like ‘I love and accept my body as it is now.’  Here are some other ideas to get you started:

I am lovable and worthwhile

There is beauty in everything and everywhere

I am beautiful just the way I am

I value my body and treat it with love and respect

Whatever affirmations you choose, they need to be something of meaning to you.  Ensure you keep them kind, nurturing and supportive.

Habit #2: go on a media diet

While I recommend that you gorge yourself on inspiring body confidence quotes and affirmations, I urge you to restrict your consumption of any media that leaves you feeling negative about your body.

Think about the media that you expose yourself to every day – are there certain magazines, social media sites or adverts that trigger negative thoughts about your body?  If so, make a pact to reduce your exposure to these in future.

Habit #3: do daily mirror work

When you feel bad about your looks, I totally understand that looking in the mirror is difficult.  In the past, I’ve avoided looking at myself for fear of how it would make me feel.  However, like many fears, the fear of doing something is worse than the actual act itself.

Mirror work is amazingly powerful, particularly for improving self-esteem and body image.  If you find looking in the mirror uncomfortable, the easiest way to start is to simply smile at yourself.

Even if it feels strange or awkward – just smile.  Do it once a day to begin with until you get used to looking at your reflection and just smiling.  Once you start to feel okay with smiling at yourself, add one of your affirmations to your mirror work.  Smile first, then looking into your own eyes, repeat one of your body confidence affirmations.

Be gentle with yourself, especially if you have avoided looking in the mirror.  These things take time.  If you feel strong enough, in addition to smiling and repeating an affirmation, find one thing that you like about yourself or your appearance, and repeat that to yourself while looking in the mirror.  For example, I often say to myself “I’m a kind and generous person” or “I have kind eyes.”

Over time, mirror work builds your body confidence and self-esteem muscles, re-training your brain to think in a more balanced and healthy way.

Habit #4: focus on what your body can do

Your body isn’t just an object to be looked at or admired.  Its purpose is far greater and more vital than that.  Without your body, you wouldn’t be able to achieve much!  Focussing on what your body does for you each day, rather than how it looks helps you appreciate its most valuable purpose.

At the end of each day, reflect on what your body has allowed you to do.  For example, have you walked somewhere?  Done some exercise? Been on your feet all day? Listened to someone intently?  Whatever it is, the function of your body, not its appearance has enabled you to carry on your day.

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